Get Beautifully Website Links With This WordPress Guide

If you want your sites to have good looking website link structure. Then you won’t need to ask us about how to change the website links address design anymore after reading this guide. Here is our guide on how do I enable permalinks in WordPress?

Finally your website permalinks will look stunning

With this guide. The visitors of your website can finally get into your articles by typing “” instead of “” which is much harder to remember for most of people.

Normally when WordPress is installed. Then the default setting is set to Plain in the Common section of the Permalink Settings in WordPress. This makes all of your blogposts or even magazine post links look not good at all.

How do I enable permalinks in WordPress?

  1. Goto Settings option in WordPress
  2. Choose Permalinks
  3. Change Common Links from Plain to Post name
  4. Click on Save Changes

Now you will have beautifully website links to your blogposts or news items on the site. If you have set up Categories in WordPress the paths to the news will look nice now.

So then the link to this article looks like this: “” instead of “” Because our WordPress Guide site is a magazine the articles will have longer words but it looks much better and its much better to share the links on social media.


Hope that you find this guide useful.


Source: Distrita Own Experience